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Israel Arrests Top Hamas Terror Leader in West Bank

The Israeli military announced on Wednesday it has arrested a senior leader of the Hamas terrorist group in the West Bank. Sheikh Jamal al Tawil, a senior Hamas leader, was arrested late Tuesday in the city of Ramallah by the Israel Defense Forces’ elite Duvdevan Unit in cooperation with the Israel Security Agency, the IDF announced. The IDF alleges that al Tawil “recently took part in organizing violent riots, incitement to violence” and trying to reestablish a base for the Islamist terrorist group in Ramallah. Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem confirmed and denounced the arrest of its senior terror leader, saying that his apprehension “will not silence the voice of resistance in the West Bank” and would not stop further activity by the group in the territory. The arrest came amid a general crackdown by Israel authorities on Hamas activities in the West Bank in recent days, reported The Times of Israel. A spokesperson for the Israel Security Agency …

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