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Israel, Egypt Meet in Effort to Solidify Gaza Truce

JERUSALEM—Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hosted Egypt’s intelligence chief and sent Israel’s foreign minister to Cairo on Sunday, amid efforts to build on a ceasefire reached between Israel and Hamas a week ago that ended the worst violence in years. Egypt helped broker the truce that has held since May 21, a diplomatic success that thrust it into the spotlight, and is working with the United States and other regional partners to expand it into a more permanent ceasefire. Netanyahu said his meeting with Abbas Kamel in Jerusalem dealt with regional security issues and ways to prevent Hamas, the Islamist terrorist group that rules Gaza, from siphoning off civilian aid to strengthen its capabilities. Palestinian officials put reconstruction costs at tens of millions of dollars from Israeli strikes in Gaza, where medical officials said 248 people were killed during 11 days of fighting. Israel is also repairing damage caused by Palestinian …

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